Indonesia Java Milk 39% - Couverture Chocolate

  • Indonesia Java  Milk 39% - Couverture Chocolate

Indonesia Java Milk 39% - Couverture Chocolate


The milk in this chocolate helps balance the typically smoky flavor that is so dominant in Indonesian Chocolate.

About the Origin

The beans behind this splendid chocolate are part of the precious Criollo family of cacao beans. They are harvested on the Island of Java, in Indonesia, and collected from the farmers by a state-owned organisation that ensure that the farmers get paid more than their fair share of the profits. This organisation ensures that the high premium paid for the beans are reinvested in initiatives that develop the communities as well as those that promote sustainable and socially responsible farming practices.


Cacao liquor (15%) (beans from Java), sugar (37%), cacao butter (27%), MILK powder (20%), emulsifier (SOY lecithin) and vanilla. May contain traces of milk and nuts.


Unopened, the chocolates have a shelf-life of 24 months when kept in a dry place between 12 and 18° C.

About the Maker

These couverture chocolates are crafted by Award-winning Belgian chocolate maker François Deremiens. Working from his workshop in the picturesque town of Prouvy, Belgium, François mixes authentic Belgian tradition with unique fine aroma cacao beans to bring us this exquisite line of single-origin couverture chocolates ready to be used by the most demanding food artisans and epicureans alike.


The bags in which the couvertures are packaged are made from 100% renewable and 60% compostable materials. The high barrier interior ensures product integrity and quality.

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