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What is craft chocolate?

Craft chocolate is made directly from the cacao bean (commonly called bean to bar chocolate) by skilled chocolate makers. Like good wine or beer, craft chocolate comes in a large variety of naturally occurring flavors. These makers embrace the complexity of chocolate rather than try to dull it as big manufacturers do. 

Why is craft chocolate so expensive?!

It's not that it's expensive. Rather conventional chocolate products that make up roughly 95% of the chocolate on the market today are too cheap!! There are a couple of reasons for that, like the quality of cocoa beans used (see next question) or unstainable farming methods. But the main reason is unethical sourcing. Think about it, when the farmers who break their backs to harvest those beans are paid nearly nothing by the huge corporations that purchase those beans from them, it's normal that the price of chocolate at the retail level is so cheap! Most chocolate on the market today doesn't reflect the real cost of producing it.

Check out this article from Food is Power about slavery and child labor in the chocolate industry: http://www.foodispower.org/slavery-chocolate/

What are fine or flavor cacao beans?

Fine or flavor cacao beans, unlike bulk beans, come in a variety of naturally occurring flavors, such as fruity, floral, nutty, herbal, spices etc. Bulk beans on the other hand, which make up as much as 95% of the total world cacao world production, are used to make chocolates that are blander and less complex. In other words, bulk cacao beans are used to make mass produced chocolates because they ensure a consistent and unique flavor all year round.