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Hummingbird - Zorzal - 70%

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Hummingbird - Zorzal - 70%

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A lovely, rare songbird native to Ontario, Québec & the Maritimes, the Zorzal is threatened with extinction, but a team of conservationists and the local community are fighting for it in its winter home in the Dominican Republic. They've created a 300 ha biodiversity sanctuary in the northern highlands to safeguard the bird’s habitat. 

As sustainably grown cacao supports the sanctuary, we’ll hear the Zorzal’s song for a long time to come. 
Run on the best principles of agriculture and sustainability, this extraordinary bird sanctuary is making a difference - and making great cacao.

Smooth like honey with hints of apricot and pecan.


2016 Silver at International Chocolate Awards (World)
2016 Bronze at International Chocolate Awards (Americas)
2015 Bronze at the Academy of Chocolate (World)
2015 Silver at International Chocolate Awards (Americas)
2014 Silver at International Chocolate Awards (Canada)


Organic cacao beans (Dominican Republic), organic cane sugar and organic cacao butter.

About the Maker

Hummingbird Chocolate was founded by Drew and Erica Gilmour and is located in the small town of Almonte, Ontario, just outside of Ottawa. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion that has translated into numerous national and international awards for the couple. Hummingbird Chocolate is a true Canadian success story.