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Rich Chocolate Flavours

Imagine being able to add a rich chocolate flavour to anything, whenever you want. With Liquid Cocoa, you can.

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The Options are Endless!

Drink it in hot chocolate, mocha or shake/drizzle some on your icecream. The options are endless!


Why You'll Love Rebel's Liquid Cocoa

Liquid Cocoa is made using the simplest yet highest quality ingredients out there.
Organic Fine Cocoa

Highest quality organic cocoa from Tanzania

Ethically Sourced

Direct trade means more money to farmers and their families

100% Vegan

No milk or animal ingredients used

  • Ethical and Quality Ingredients

    Rebel Chocolate's uses only the best and highest quality ingredients to craft their rich Liquid Cocoa.

  • Add Liquid Cocoa to Anything!

    Imagine being able to add a rich chocolate flavour to anything, whenever you want it. With Liquid Cocoa, you can. And with 25% less sugar then the commercial stuff, you'll feel a little less guilty doing so.

  • The Founder

    Hi! My name is Richard and I am the founder of Rebel Chocolates. I started Rebel not only because I am passionate about chocolate, but also because I am passionate about cleaning up our food supply chain, fighting inequality and saving the environment. Unfortunately, the chocolate industry that produces the vast majority of the chocolates we've been enjoying since our youth is highly corrupt. Behind a product that we associate with love and friendship, there's so much pain and suffering.

How To Use Liquid Cocoa

Watch this short video below to see how you can use Rebel Chocolate's Liquid Cocoa!

Client Love

Great chocolates! Loved the selection of single origin chocolate at the Beanstock Coffee Festival. Hummingbird was my favourite with hints of apricot!

Rebel Chocolates introduced me to high quality chocolate makers like Cacao Hunters and Qantu, to name a few, and for that I will always be grateful. I am a major chocoholic, and to be able to taste the different notes of high quality chocolate was a game changer for me!

I loved tasting your selection of Rebel chocolates. I still think about them every time I buy new chocolate because I have yet to find better quality chocolate. I always think that if people could taste real our chocolate, they would never buy regular chocolate bars. This is what happened to me.